We understand that the NFP sector is changing at a rapid pace. Reduced funding, changes to existing funding contracts and restructures  are pressing our current generation NFP's to become highly strategic when it comes to selecting talent. As an organisation that has worked with more than 3000 NFP and Community Sector organisations we understand.  And unlike  traditional recruitment firms, who just place an advertisement somewhere, or do a quick linked in search, and hope for the best, our pro-active talent acquisition practices are proven to attract the best.

We are also acutely aware that treating candidates as people to keep top talent interested in your role and your organisation. when we recruit:

  • We assign an experienced Not for Profit Sector consultant to project manage your recruitment project not a desk based recruiter who has never worked in the sector  
  • We scan the market  to attract the best of the best to apply
  • We assess candidates against their skills, experience, behaviours and values you are seeking in your next person  
  • We offer a 24/7 contact person so that prospective candidates can contact us when the time best suits them, data shows we will get 3 times more candidate inquiries than our 9-5 competitors. And the more candidates the better chance we will have of securing the best possible talent for your role
  • We charge a fixed fee based on effort and success which works out a lot less expensive than the tired old commission on salary that some worn out recruitment agencies still seem to persist with 
  • We also offer recruitment and selection skills training for organisations which cover a wide range of proven talent acquisition and hiring techniques for the not for profit sector, see our training page for more information


  • General Manager  - Jubilee Community Services - Mortdale (Sydney) - email 
  • Operations Manager - Allied Health Place - Gold Coast - email 
  • Residential Care Manager - Aboriginal Community Services  - Remote South Australia - email 
  • General Manager - International Performing Writers Association - Sydney - email 
  • Business Development Manager - International Performing Writers Association - Sydney - email 
  • Operations Manager - Satellite Foundation - Melbourne - email 
  • Community Sector Leaders - NFP Success - National - email 
  • Volunteer Board Members - 'Till the Cows Come Home - email