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Employee and Volunteer Engagement

Success in the war for talented employees and volunteers in the not-for-profit sector goes well beyond simply offering a competitive salary to prospective employees and run of the mill volunteering opportunities to volunteers. Sector employees and volunteers are seeking causes and cultures they can get behind, feel connected with, and get excited about. Factors that are giving many organisations the competitive edge include;

·        offering innovative salary packaging to employees,

·        improving access to the workplace,

·        facilitating workplace friendships,

·        creating inclusive cultures,

·        designing jobs that strike a healthy balance between autonomy and accountability,

·        increasing the organisation’s reputational and promotional value,

·        building a transparent and accountable management approach,

·        improving leadership credibility,

·        creating new career progress opportunities,

·        and offering genuinely flexible work options.

Becoming an employer of choice starts with asking employees and volunteers what they believe would make the organisation a great place to work and volunteer?  We help our customers to create organisations where people enjoy coming to work by engaging employees, volunteers, and senior leaders equally and simultaneously in the process. Our engagement strategies include our "Feel the Pulse" listening tool and our "Know your Strengths" team building approach.

Our methods have assisted many organisations to harness the full potential of their most intensive and important investment, their people.