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Leadership Development Assistance for Boards and Committees

  • The Policy, Strategy and Leadership Obligations of Not for Profit and Community Sector Boards
  • Sponsored Consultancy Assistance may be available for smaller organisations

An absolute priority of all not for profit and community sector Boards and Committees is to ensure policies are in place that reduce or eliminate health and safety risks to employees, clients, members, service users, participants and visitors - and monitor the effectiveness of those policies. Boards cannot just presume these policies are in place and working - Boards must be proactive and be involved in the development and/or the continual improvement of these policies.

Government agencies, health organisations, funding bodies, supporters and sponsors of NFP Sector organisations are encouraging Boards to determine, clarify and communicate your organisations policy response and strategies to meet current and future challenges.

We encourage you to call and hold a Committee or Board meeting, and engage our services to assist you review your organisation's strategies and policies. The process we have outlined below would be a good catalyst to get on the front foot.

"Strategic Review"

Continual review of an organisations strategies is a critical and urgent requirement of all not for profit and community sector Boards and Committees.

Our process involves facilitating a three hour workshop where we work with your Board and Manager to:

  • review and develop your organisation's policy position and policies
  • put plans in place to continually monitor effectiveness in terms of reducing risks
  • assess what services or income streams are at risk
  • develop strategies, including the allocation of resources, to reduce those risks
  • review strategic plans
  • review meeting procedures
  • review business continuity and business sustainability strategies
  • develop implementation and communication plans

To facilitate the above workshop you would first advise a 3  hour meeting time-slot on any day or time of the week - weekends or evenings are fine.  The meeting can be held by video-conference or teleconference if preferred or guidelines dictate.

Following that meeting our consultant would then document the outcomes, policies, strategies and communication plans and send you the completed documentation for review, implementation and communication and consultation with staff. 

Fees - There is no one size fits all answer and so each project will take our consultant three days in planning, facilitation, research and communication time and for not for profit sector organisations who earned less than $3 million last financial year we maybe able to offer up to a 50% discount if we can attract a corporate sponsor to assist you. We have consultants in all states however feel free to call our head office on (02) 9659 2602 to discuss and will get our local state consultants to be in touch.

We are here to assist and will do whatever we can to make the process enjoyable, engaging, exciting and add value. 

We hope we get the opportunity to work with you and strengthen your organisation. 

Call us or email for any Q&A or to discuss dates and rates.