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Recruitment of New Board Members

We know, understand, and appreciate that the NFP sector is sustained by the good will of volunteer boards all across Australia. We also understand that this goodwill combined with the common challenges of being a not-for-profit board, presents a unique set of considerations when recruiting and selecting board members. Therefore, it is important to find people for these opportunities with the right motivations, skills, abilities and fit. NFP Success has significant experience in recruiting board members for Not-for-Profit and community sector organisations. 

The NFP Success methodology includes:

  • Pro-actively contacting a number of people with the experience, location, achievements and behavioural mix required to take up these opportunities and contribute to improved Board performance.
  • Seeking people with the talents, abilities and commitment to ensure to they are congruent with the organisation.
  • Identifying people, who by gender, age, disability or nationality are proportionally underrepresented on boards and inspire those people to nominate for board positions.
  • Ensure that candidates not only hold technical skills but also understand their governance obligations.

Our fees are reasonable, fixed prices and with no hidden costs. Our commencement fee is $1000+GST and then $1500+GST per recruited Board Member. This is great for those looking to recruit more than one Board Member at a time, as the commencement fee is only paid per order and not on each Board Member appointed. Talk to us today for more information on how we can help you attract the best and brightest to your board.