Board, Committee, Leader and Staff Training

Board, Committee, Leader and Staff Training

NFP Success boasts an excellent training pedigree, having delivered training to hundreds of different NFP Boards, Committees and organisations. 

A list of our best-selling programs is provided below, however, we also provide tailored options to match your needs. Each program can be delivered in half or full day programs and delivered on evenings, weekends or on zoom to meet the needs of staff, volunteers and board members.

To take the guesswork out of fees for all of 2022 we charge $1400+GST to conduct all training programs regardless of numbers attending or your location. This is a per program rate, not a per person rate and is a fixed all inclusive fee which covers all of our travel costs and printing - no hidden costs. The costs are the same whether we conduct the training in the room or in the zoom. 

Modern Governance and Board Effectiveness

Community and NFP Sector organisations experience constant change and Boards have all types of growing responsibilities and demands to their organisation’s Clients, Members, Communities, Employees, Managers, Volunteers, Potential Funders and Funders.

Our program, conducted over three hours at your venue, for $1400+GST, is a practical and hands on training workshop designed to assist you review responsibilities and effectiveness, and identify areas for improvement.This is a per program rate, not a per person rate and is a fixed all inclusive fee which covers all of our travel costs and printing - no hidden costs. The costs are the same whether we conduct the training in the room or in the zoom. 

We have now trained more than 10000 Board and Committee Members in this very popular program. 

DIY Governance and Board Training

We have recently developed a World First - Do-it-Yourself Governance Training Kit.

This kit features all the materials a Governance experienced Board Member or Manager needs to be empowered  to conduct Governance Training for your own Board in your own time.

Contact us on (02) 9659 2602 for more information and special discounts  or visit or email 

Leadership Development, Team Building and Professional Growth

Using various tools we assist people identify their strengths and reach the next level of performance. This is great training for Team Building, Leadership Development, Employee Development, Leadership Preparation and Responsibility Allocation.

Our style is always interactive and fast paced and really have the WOW factor which is so essential for maintaining interest and optimising learning.

Enhancing Your Social Entrepreneurial DNA

The pressure is on for all NFP Sector Managers to identify and pursue independent income streams and develop 'Social Enterprises".

Easier said than done.

Our unique three day residential program is limited to only a few attendees per session to optimise outcomes as each person is assigned their own experienced Social Entrepreneur Mentor (think "Shark Tank") who will work with the attendee during the program to bring their Social Enterprise ideas to life and success.

This dynamic three day residential program is conducted several times a year in various US, Australia and NZ locations and is a must for CEO's and Senior Managers wishing to become successful Social Entrepreneurs and organisations wishing to genuinely pursue Social Enterprise without straying from purpose.     

Inspiring Innovation

The NFP sector is being faced with external market pressures demanding change at all organisational levels. This program aims at building your organisations capacity to adapt to these changes utilising leading edge innovation practices. 

Measuring and Maximising Social Impact

This training shares with organisational Leaders a road map to assist teams, business units, departments and the organisation as a whole develop meaningful, customer service driven and motivational performance measures, which enhance both business, and team, performance.

Time Optimisation

This half-day program is designed to challenge many of our long-held beliefs about personal effectiveness and success.

Today we find ourselves in a volatile, turbulent and fast paced world, in which things can change in the space of a phone call. NFP’s are depending more than ever on individuals to contribute, take the initiative and be more involved in keeping their organisation firing on all cylinders. 

Effective time management is a great preventative measure to burn-out and our agenda includes. This program covers a set of principles that enable all people to achieve well beyond what most people believe is possible. 

Next Generation Industry Leaders and Board Members 

This program is a foundation session for new NFP leaders. Covering all of the key aspects a new or prospective leader needs to know, participants are sure to feel more confident about achieving their aspirations and successfully taking on leadership roles. 

Hiring the Best

Based on international research, participants will gain insight into effective talent acquisition and candidate assessment practices in the Not for Profit Sector and how to modernise yours and replace rituals and traditions that prevent top-talent applying.

Persuasive Presentations

Our Persuasive Presentations program is engaging, and interactive, and shares hints on all types of corporate presentations from speaking engagements to facilitating a community meeting to conducting a training session in the room or in the zoom.

Other Programs:

  • Managing Difficult Situations and Conversations
  • Strengthening Boards
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Service Edge