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Business Continuity Workshops

Business Continuity Planning Workshops

Our process involves facilitating a three hour workshop where we work with your Board and CEO or Senior Manager to:

  • review and develop your organisation's business position and risks
  • assess what services or income streams are at risk
  • develop strategies, including the allocation of resources, to reduce those risks
  • review strategic plans and other business sustainability strategies
  • develop new strategies to meet those risks

To facilitate the above workshop you would first advise a three hour meeting time-slot on any day or time of the week - weekends or evenings are fine.  The meeting can be held by using Zoom, Skype or MS Team technology or by teleconference or we can come to your offices or other agreed venue.

Following that meeting our consultant would then document the outcomes, policies, strategies and communication plans and send you the completed documentation for review, implementation and communication. 

We are here to assist and will do whatever we can to make the process enjoyable, engaging, exciting and add value. 

We hope we get the opportunity to work with you and strengthen your organisation. 

Call us anytime or email for any Q&A or to discuss dates and rates.