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Not-for-profit Strategic Planning

NFP Success possesses a truly unique and sector leading not-for-profit strategic planning product. Our tried and tested methodology and talent pool of highly credentialed, diverse, and experienced consultants ensures that your strategic plan, skilfully blends social sector realities with cutting edge business practices. We have facilitated numerous successful plans across various organisations and assure that yours is presented with a powerful short and sharp strategic plan based on the economic, social, market, government, and competitor/collaborator data.

Our strategic planning process has undergone multiple iterations to ensure that it aligns with the broader not-for-profit context. Our individual strategic plans are always bespoke and take into consideration your service and client needs. Working closely with your service we ensure that you are not only presented with an aesthetically pleasing strategic plan, but more importantly that its content is pragmatic, accessible, and fit-for-purpose.

Each strategic plan is different, we therefore begin each by working with you to determine your needs and define the scope of the project. Irrespective of your investment appetite and desired outcomes we will always deliver a quality product. In all instances our unique methodology will cover key aspects of what makes up a robust strategic plan, these include:

- Understand your organisational history.
- Review of purpose and vision.
- Review of current strategic and business plans.
- Analyse your current strengths and weaknesses.
- Conduct industry research, comparisons, and case studies.
- Conduct consultations across the service.
- Identify strategies to strengthen your strengths and overcome your weaknesses.
- Analysing those strategies in terms of impact, costs, barriers, and drivers.
- Prioritise low yield and high yield strategies.
- Conduct project planning and include budgets, engagement plans and communication plans.
- Assist in progress reporting systems and organisational performance measures.

Throughout this process we do the heavy lifting and facilitate all sessions, engagements, and documentation. This leaves you and your team to focus your energy on what matters, namely, producing winning ideas for a winning strategy.