business services

Organisation Reviews; Social Innovation; Making Mergers Work

NFP Success works with organisations to achieve their mission. We don’t just conduct a review or make recommendations and leave it with an organisation to execute, we support our partners through the journey of implementation. Most if not all the Communications, Consultations and Conversations work below can be conducted via video or tele-conferencing if preferred or where guidelines advise.

Organisational reviews: utilising the best in management tools we review and provide recommendations on organisational structure, operations, finances and systems management. Our team possess the financial, sector and business acumen to ensure that you are always driving towards your mission, while achieving all possible efficiencies.

Social innovation and enterprise: when establishing a new social innovation or enterprise we can support you. Whether a larger NFP or a completely new enterprise we can walk you through the fundamentals of getting lean start up right and avoiding unnecessary failure.

Mergers, alliancing, strategic partnering: several members of our team have worked on successful NFP mergers. We know what it takes to make them work and also are aware of the subtleties associated with the process. By engaging our team and not an individual, you can avoid many of the trappings that come with appointing external consultants to your project and be sure that our interests rest solely with making your merger come to life.

Fees - Time on these projects range from 3-20 days and fees range according to duration, scope, location and  size of your organisation - call anytime or email to discuss dates and rates