sector insights
29 f 2020

COVID 19 and Optimism

The Not for Profit Sector is currently facing some big hurdles:

  • Sporting organisations are cancelling their whole seasons
  • Associations are cancelling their annual conferences 
  • Member based organisations are facing membership decline and may need to nationalise and urgently
  • Unprecedented demand for people support, community support, community health, social housing and job services
  • Schools, kindergartens, child cares, day cares closed for the year
  • Keeping up volunteer enthusiasm
  • Loss of voice in these difficult times

If any sector is resilient it is the not for profit sector.

If any sector can stay positive, and they must, it is the not for profit sector.

If any sector needs to be heard right now it is the not for profit sector.

Not for profit organisations need to revisit their purpose, review their policies, review their strategic plans and let go of rituals and traditions.

2020 will be the year of the most agile the most innovative the optimistic - does your organisation meet these big three. 

Article by Ron Palmer, CEO, NFP Success - Ron has been on several NFP Sector Boards in US and Australia and has held Senior NFP Sector Senior Leadership roles